Breaking away

It has been an eventful last week or so as Chris gave in his notice at Elo Touch where he had worked in one guise or another for more than 32 years – so big cojones required to actually make the break from something that has been a huge part of his life. Elo have been brilliant! They invited Chris to their European HQ in Belgium (overlooking the Stella Artois brewery) to say goodbye in person which was a great gesture – and then had a leaving do in the office with cake and speeches before beer and dinner afterwards.  They gave us a fantastic present of a double hammock made out of parachute material (so it is strong and light) plus a solar-powered light. Thank you, Elo! Chris’s boss could not be in Belgium so he met up with him in London for dinner for a super evening at Aqua Kyoto, so thank you, Maarten.

Beard Club!

The dawning of the day when work was no longer the main thing on the mind was a bit strange, but the list of things to do before we set sail on the Big Trip is getting longer rather than shorter, so there’s no time for procrastination, and on that basis we have managed to do the following:

  • Get the faulty electric gates fixed and we now have a way to get in and out of the house if the gates or power fail (we reckoned our prospective tenants might appreciate this).
  • Take off one of the wooden garage doors with a view to repairing it, but then put it back on again as the rot was greater than our skills to fix it. Now getting quotes for replacements.
  • Sell about half of the CD collection – we are now trying to barter using them for any work we have done to the house.
  • Fixed the lights in Karen’s office (she’s only been waiting 12 months).
  • Have the chimneys swept (needed for house rental). Sadly CDs not acceptable for payment. James the chimney guy also seemed to have a lot of scary snake stories about Australia – reeeeeeally helpful (not)!
  • Make stock from the remains of a roast chicken. This has nothing to do with our trip but was noteworthy!
  • Save several more places that we want to visit in Australia (for adding to the mega White Way Round Big Lap Map – link to follow when we’ve made it).
  • Shift all the Elo demo boxes from the garage – yay! We have space for the first time in years. 😊
  • Grown a beard (Chris, not Karen, in case you were wondering). Farewell, corporate identity!
  • Given notice to the cleaners. Chris has bravely volunteered to take over these duties …
  • Given notice to the ironing lady. Karen says she will do this, but Chris’s boxers will no longer be lovingly ironed it seems.

What’s next?

  • Hmm … We think we will do one last trip in our current MoHo (aka Sundance) before selling it – which will be a bit sad as we have loved it – and that will free up the dining room where we keep a lot of the stuff for Sundance, before we start filling it with Big Trip Kit.
  • Some boring stuff around the house that is not worthy of deeper description (yet).
  • Add all those saved places to the Big Lap Map.
  • Since Karen has work to do until around Christmas, Chris will be doing food planning, etc, so watch out for 101 Things To Do With Fish Fingers (and beans).


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