Scrap, lists and ticking boxes (not tickling boxers)

Chris has completed his first non-Elo week and we are still talking (or rather, Chris talks and Karen listens as she tries to get on with work).

This has been a week of the odd afternoon nap (Chris) and actually getting some stuff done. The thing that look the longest to do was the list of things to do. We are using Evernote as we can share the Big Trip To-Do List (or BTTDL for short) and we can both add things for Chris to do.

It’s very satisfying to be able to mark something as complete on the BTTDL and so far ‘taking scrap metal to the dump’ and ‘opening an Australian bank account’ have been ticked off – along with ‘make a to-do list’ which shouldn’t really count, but it does 😊.

The BTTDL has a current total of 48 incomplete tasks, plus the two we’ve already done, so being the glass-full type of people we are, we’re already an impressive 4% of the way there! (‘Making a to-do list’ was excluded from these calculations as it stopped the answer being a nice round number.)

Food update! Chris can report that Scotch eggs are really hard to make. Won’t be trying that again …

Scotch Egg
Scotched that idea!

Chris’s company car goes back next week so we’ll have Karen’s convertible between us. We’re expecting a few conversations along the lines of ‘I thought I told you I was having the car’, etc. This has raised another technical challenge around how to view each other’s online diaries without either having no visibility of an event, or four different versions of it all fighting for space in the same time slot.

Other questions we’ve been asking ourselves this week include …

  • How does Chris get out of the habit of answering the phone by saying ‘Hello, Chris White.’ in a business-like manner?
  • Will the cost of getting the scratches on Karen’s car repaired increase its overall value?
  • Which quote should we go with for replacement garage doors?
  • Which bottle from the selection under the sink is used for cleaning the kitchen floor? (Chris)
  • What happens if we haven’t found a motorhome after our three weeks of motorhome shopping time when we arrive in Australia?

Bet you can’t wait for next week!


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