Mops and maps

It has been a week of steady progress towards our goal of going to India and Australia in March next year.

We now have:

  • a tidy garage. Well, a tidier garage.
  • a few pounds from selling stuff from the garage (more to go!).
  • trees with fewer branches.
  • visas for Australia – woo-hoo!
  • the start of our Big Lap Map of ideas for places to go in Australia. We are gleaning info from people who have made or are making a similar trip so the comments and photos are from them – but here’s how it looks so far. Lots more still to add!
  • new garage doors on order.
  • a full set of travel jabs.
  • 9% of the Big Trip List of Things To Do complete – but the list keeps getting longer.

It was also the first week of Chris taking on cleaning duties in the house. Karen came home to find him washing the bathroom floors and when she stopped laughing she took these photos of him in action:

Chris says it was fine (honest!) and he is especially proud that he now knows how much Mr Shine floor cleaner is needed in a big bucket, and even prouder that he now knows where Mr Shine, the mop and the bucket live.

The company car went back this week and so far so good, although we do both go outside and wonder why the drive looks so empty. Karen’s – no, OUR – car is fine unless we want to take any luggage or other people anywhere, and Chris is still looking for the heated seats button and the reversing camera parking aid. (Shame! Ed.)

Next on the to-do list is selling our current motorhome. We’re booking it in for its MOT and annual habitation check in the next couple of weeks, but hope to get away in it one more time before the insurance runs out at the start of December. Stay tuned!



  1. Very exciting! We are cramming in a tour around Adelaide, Mclaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Flinders Ranges, Port Douglas, Daintree Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney and the Blue Mountains over Christmas, so will share our trips, tours, photos and feedback to you when we get back. x


  2. Could you possibly provide some instruction on cleaning to my lot the next time you visit? Like so many things, these type of lessons are so much better received when they come from someone outside the family!! Tks. x


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