Not much progress to report on the Big Trip To Do List this week, although we’ve got appointments lined up for the letting agent photographer to come and do his thing in the next couple of weeks, and we’ve booked in the motorhome service, MOT and habitation check with a view to selling it, and have the house alarm service scheduled. The list is still getting longer though.

What we’ve noticed recently is that we keep being asked the same sort of questions about the trip. Here’s a summary of some of them …

When are you actually going? Friday March 16th. We’re flying to Delhi and staying with friends there for a week, then we’re off to Sydney and for a week, then on to Brisbane. We’ve got tickets for the Commonwealth Games and will be combining watching those events with motorhome shopping.

Are you going to buy a motorhome before you get there? No. We’re keeping an eye on several dealers’ websites and every time a vehicle that looks just right comes up we have a quick conversation along the lines of ‘Is it too early? Shall we just buy it?’. Then we remember we’re still months away from needing it, and it would be madness to buy something we hadn’t seen and tested. Although we have our list of criteria for any motorhome we’re going to live in for months on end (price, age, layout, mileage, etc), we’re aware that our shopping time is limited and we’ll probably have to compromise on a number of areas.  If we haven’t found a van we’re happy with by the time the Commonwealth Games are over, we’ll move to Plan B. We don’t know what that is yet.

Are you going to go off-road in the outback in it? No. We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of a 4WD car pulling a caravan vs a motorhome, and are happy with our decision of a motorhome even though we won’t be able to go off-road in it. We don’t have any towing experience, or any experience with off-roading, so are happy to either hire a car when we want to try that, or go on a tour. Our motto for the trip will be Brave But Not Stupid, so we’ll be sticking to the well-beaten track this time.

Are you going to work while you’re travelling? No. We’re going to take some time to think about what sort of thing we might like to do when we get over the travel-bug, and generally try a different pace of life. The thought of having to find a wifi connection to send some work back to meet a deadline when we’re somewhere a bit more remote is the kind of stress we’re hoping to avoid.

What are you going to do? We don’t know. Probably a mix of reading, exploring, taking photos, lying on the beach, seeing new things, hiking, biking, talking and playing Yahtzee.

Live for the moment
On top of Berwick Law this summer
Do you think you’ll get on OK, being in a confined space just the two of you for so long? We hope so. We’re working on the theory that we’ve been away in the current motorhome on lots of trips over the last year and are still speaking. In the ‘summer’ we went to Scotland for three weeks and it rained nearly every day. We managed to have one meal outside on that trip. If we coped with that, we ought to be fine in a bigger van, with better weather, meaning we can be outside a lot more of the time. There are bound to be ‘moments’, but that’s part of the adventure.

Are you worried about snakes / spiders / crocodiles? Yes. One of us more than the other. But I refer you back to our motto.

What are you going to do when you get back? We don’t know yet. Go somewhere else. Do something different. We’ll let you know when we know.

Got any other questions for us? Post them in a comment and we might answer!


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