Power tools, playlists and prizes

This week we have been looking ahead and imagining life on the road, and as the weather is cold and wet here in the UK it’s nice to think of beaches, sun and the open road – and what music, audiobooks and podcasts we might listen to whilst driving or relaxing.

We have somewhat different tastes in music, although Chris continues to surprise Karen with the occasional gem in his collection – Life Is A Rollercoaster by Ronan Keating being a recent one 😱.  And we don’t think we’ve ever both read the same book. Chris likes a post-apocalyptic tale, while Karen prefers contemporary fiction. (Having said that, we both enjoyed listening to The Power on our road trip this summer.) We do both enjoy satirical and comedy podcasts. So, we’re asking for your recommendations! Think along the lines of travel, freedom and the open road and let us know (either in a Comment or on our Facebook page) what we should be downloading and subscribing to. Special Big Trip Prizes (well, a mention in the next blog) for the best suggestions!

In Big Trip To-Do List news this week …

  • We’ve found the stopcocks for the water supply to the house! It’s only taken us nine years to find them both!
  • We’ve sold more stuff (mainly old and now illegal golf clubs – illegal insofar as they contravene the Rules of Golf, and not that it is a criminal offence to own them).
  • We’ve more or less finished the House Manual.
  • We’ve sold a lot of Sundance motorhome gear, although Hermes appear to have lost it. More to follow on this, we are sure.
  • The loft is now partially floored and Chris can now (sort of) use a circular saw. More wood required next week to finish the job.
  • The new garage doors are in! They look quite like the old doors, with the main and important difference being that they are made of metal instead of rotten wood.
  • We have a date for installation of the new oil tank (February).
  • We can now display the Big Trip Map from Google offline using maps.me.

old doors2017-12-11 15.08.15







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