To do becomes done

Hello again! Rest assured that we’ve been keeping busy for the last few weeks even though we haven’t written a blog for a bit. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to, in no particular order.

We’ve …

  • let the house. (That’s a biggie!)
  • booked some storage, but less than we thought we might need initially because we’ll be leaving most of our big items of furniture in the house. (Another biggie.)
  • identified a motorhome we’d quite like to buy. It’s in Sydney and we can put a fully refundable deposit on it in a few weeks. If anyone knows anyone in the motor trade in Sydney who could check it over for us, please get in touch!
  • met another couple, Stephen and Fran, who are planning a similar (but more intrepid) trip, and had them here for lunch while we fired questions at them about the trips they’ve already made, and what they’ve learned along the way.
  • added some more points to the Big Lap Map. We’re really grateful to everyone who’s sent us ‘you must go here’ suggestions – please keep them coming!
  • done some shopping in the sales for hiking gear, etc. We’re now on our second Oz Box.
  • done final handover of work and submitted final invoice. (Karen)
  • booked a first aid course, and have requested that we cover insect stings, snake bites and shark attacks if there’s time on the day.
  • booked hotels in Agra and Jaipur for the week of our stopover with friends in Delhi.
  • continued to load up our Kindles, Spotify and Audible accounts.
  • decided not to sell the car, but to look for somewhere to store it instead.
  • got dates in the diary for the fitting of the new oil tank, the final visit from the plumber, a few final tweaks on the garage doors, and the electrics certification.

Busy, busy, busy! More soon!



Lunch with Stephen and Fran

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