App-y days!

Less than a month until we set off! Emotions are mixed, but when we stop and look at the guidebooks and maps we’re reminded about what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. By the time we get on the plane to Delhi on March 16th we’ll be ready for adventure!

For now, we’re surrounded by half-packed boxes for storage, boxes for the charity shop, boxes for the jumble sale, and boxes for the recycling centre. We can only hope that they all end up in the right place eventually. We’ve ticked a few more things off the Big Trip List in the last couple of weeks – the base for the new oil tank has been laid and the new tank has been installed; all the blinds on the windows have had safety fittings fitted; visas for India have been received, and a hire car for Sydney has been booked so we’ll be able to get round the motorhome dealers with ease. (The van we have our eyes on is still for sale. Keep your fingers crossed it’s still there when we arrive and is as good as it looks!)ticket

Our tickets for our Commonwealth Games events have just come through and we’ve printed them out. Each one has ‘Not valid for entry if presented on a mobile device’ printed on it in large pink letters, which contrasts with the Morcheeba gig tickets and reservations for all flights from London–Delhi–Sydney–Brisbane we’ve downloaded to our iPhone Wallets without requiring paper, a printer or lots of groovy coloured ink. Hurray for technology – as long as neither of us drops our phone down a loo or has our pocket/bag picked!

As well as the Wallet, here are a few more apps we’re getting some use out of …

tmt2We’ll be using TrackMyTour to log each of the places we stay so you’ll be able to follow our route and see a photo from each point. We tested it out in the summer on our trip to Scotland and it worked really well. The only change we’d like to see would be following our actual route, rather than drawing straight lines, but the overall results are good enough and we haven’t seen any better alternatives out there. (If you’re an app designer, there are a lot of motorhome owners out there looking for this!)

IMG_6396If everything we’ve read is true, WikiCamps is going to be our best friend for route-planning and deciding where we’ll stay. It works offline, so if we don’t have a wifi connection we’ll still be able to find a holiday park, free camp or just a dump point, and the reviews area ought to work like TripAdvisor in terms of helping us decide which points to avoid and which we can look forward to hot, clean showers at.

IMG_6395Fuel Map Australia has been created by the same people as WikiCamps so we’re hoping it’s as useful. The reviews are good and this should be our go-to for checking locations of branded fuel stations and their prices. We’ll also be able to log our fuel consumption and what we spend. As with WikiCamps, it’s reliant on user information so we’ll be aiming to do our bit to help others in return for the app, which is is free.

IMG_6397Australian Bites And Stings is the one we don’t want to have to look at. However, having been on a first aid course a couple of weeks ago, we thought it might be a good idea to load it just in case. We now know that we need to avoid Redbacks and Funnel-webs, and a Huntsman’s bark is worse than its bite, as it were. We haven’t browsed the Snakes, Aquatic Creatures, Jellyfish or Creepy Crawlies And Insects sections yet, but promise we will before we land.

IMG_6398This is the fun one! Not free, but it’s like Spotify for magazines. Up to five people can use one Readly account, and it means that we’ll both be able to keep up with our favourites from our iPads. Since signing up, we’ve realised that we actually read such a small proportion of any magazine we buy, spending £7.99 a month on our Readly subscription is much better value than us both buying one magazine each and only reading one-third of it. Here’s to continued reading of Practical Motorhome!

Are there any other essentials we need to download before we go? Let us know!



  1. Looking forward to reading your blog. Don’t worry to much about the funnel webs unless you are gardening. Red backs are every where and you will quickly learn how to avoid the places they hide in and then they won’t be any trouble. Don’t underestimate the misery mosquitoes and sandflys can cause though and protect yourselves from their bites. The mozzies carry lots of nasty viruses that can make you very unwell. Always have a 6 inch crepe bandage in your car or back pack for snake bite and never go anywhere without water. It’s a fantastic country you are going to have a wonderful time.


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