It’s time for a game of Take It Or Leave It!

Enough of boxes, packing and lists! Let’s play Take It Or Leave It!

Here are nine photos of things we might or might not find room for in our bags. Look at the photos and decide if we should Take It or Leave It. Look out for bonus You Decide squares and let us know if you think it should stay here or come with us!

Little Pig Take It! Known as ‘LP’, Little Pig has been Chris’s fairly constant companion for the last six years. If he gets through customs and beats inter-state quarantine laws, expect to see more of him in the next few months.

Kitchen scales Leave It! We use these a lot at home but will buy a set when we arrive and have somewhere to store them in our new van.

Hula hoop Leave It! Karen’s been hula hooping for up to an hour a day for the last couple of years. Great for getting the step count up if you haven’t left your desk much during the day, but we’re hoping we’ll get plenty of outdoor steps in each day so won’t need the hoop.

Corbyn colouring book You Decide! Might keep Chris quiet on the plane, but his colouring pencils might be the straw that breaks the check-in scales!

Hat and gloves You Decide! No idea whether these need to stay or go. Let us know what you think!

Crocs Take It! You might baulk at these but since becoming motorhomers, we’ve discovered that functionality (walking to and from the shower block, nipping out to change the gas canister in the rain, etc.) trumps fashion when it comes to campsite footwear. His ‘n’ hers crocs are non-negotiables!

Egg topper You Decide! Karen loves her breakfast boiled eggs and has been using this nifty little gadget for ages. (Thanks, Liz and Keith!) We could manage without it, but it might just make the van that bit more like home. Get your own here.

Resistance bands Take It! We’ll both miss going to the gym so we’ll be taking these for workouts on the road.

Make-up brushes Leave (most of) It! Minimal make-up is the way forward for the trip, particularly after we’ve left Sydney and Brisbane. A couple of small brushes might find their way into Karen’s bag, but certainly not the full set. (Note to self: Add ‘wash brushes before storing’ to To-Do List.)



  1. Agree about the hat and gloves – you never know & they’re only teeny tiny. On the other hand, I’m sure they’re readily available in Oz! Egg clacker though, might to come by if you suddenly decide you’re missing it.

    So agree with all your takes, Karen can have the clacker & Chris can have his colouring book. If you’re anything like us, you’ll send half of it home when you arrive, so don’t sweat it too much. xx

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