B is for bikes, budgets and Bunnings

Hello blog-readers!

Greetings from The Gold Coast! The White Way Round is having a ball in Brisbane and at the Commonwealth Games 🙂

So far we’ve had two nights at the velodrome where both Scotland and England won many medals, including five in one night for Scotland! We had great seats and were on TV with our flags! (Sadly Karen couldn’t find her England flag so had to use Chris’s reserve Scottish Lion Rampant. We weren’t quite sure what to make of one comparison of it to the Australian Boxing Kangaroo!) but we loved the atmosphere and non-stop excitement of the velodrome and the Aussies around us were friendly and congratulated us on any successes, and were interested to hear about our plans for the next stage of the trip.

When we haven’t been at the Games we’ve been getting things together for when we pick up Della early next week. We’ve ordered mountain bikes (this will be a change for us from our usual road/hybrid bikes) but we want to be able to feel comfortable on all surfaces when we’re out and about on The Big Lap. Chris has created a wishlist at Bunnings (think B&Q but bigger) for all the hoses, cables, tools, etc. that we’ll need for Della (and probably some that we won’t need), and we also have lists for Anaconda (outdoor stuff), the BBQ shop (did you know you can roast a whole chicken in a mini gas BBQ?), and the homewares shop. Pretty sure there’s a shopping blog post to come fairly soon!

We (Chris!) did a check on our spending vs budget and realised that we hadn’t really accounted for the one-off costs of kitting out the van so we have (Chris has!) heroically decided to carry on regardless and just get the stuff we need to make sure we have a great trip. If you know anyone who’d like to buy a lovely van and all its contents when we get back to Sydney, let us know!

In parallel with these activities our thoughts are also on what we will do on the Big Lap (the Big Lap Map is progressing well – see photo below) and what new skills we may try and learn whilst we are away. Ideas so far include:

  • Learn about DIY reflexology
  • Refresh camera skills
  • Get better at living ‘in the now’
  • Read some mind-improving books
  • Read some of each other’s books (not necessarily the same as previous point)

So far:

  • No need for reflexology
  • Used camera at the velodrome and realise this camera has lots of menus. Getting there though!
  • One of us has started some ‘hippy meditation stuff’
  • Read a great book about the end of the British Empire in India
  • No book exchanges yet. One of  us is still waiting to read a book they think worth recommending.

More next week when we collect Della! Don’t forget that we’re on Facebook and Instagram in the meantime!

The Big Lap Map

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