Two weeks on the road

So, it’s been two weeks since we set off from Sydney RV in Della. Here’s a quick summary …

👍🏼 Thumbs up for …
♦ The weather (when the sun has shone).
♦ Our Weber Baby Q BBQ – one of Chris’s new favourite things.
♦ Friends, old and new. We’ve been really grateful for all the practical help and support, as well as tips and recommendations we’ve had from our friends in Oz.
♦ Tech that’s allowing us to keep in touch with family and friends back home.
♦ The variety of sites and amenities we’ve experienced so far – Australia is so well set up for motorhomes, caravans and campers of all sorts.
♦ Our (OK, Chris’s) ability to identify issues with the van, and find a solution for them. Also for those people who’ve helped us along the way.
♦ Not missing TV and other home comforts (although we’re keen to download the final episodes of Masterchef as soon as possible).
♦ Time and space to read.
♦ Good fuel consumption (more on this in our first month stats post).
♦ Each other. We celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary yesterday and think we make a pretty good team, on the road and off it!

👎🏼 Thumbs down for …
♦ The weather (when we’ve had torrential rain).
♦ Wildlife (in general for Karen, and mosquito bites in particular for Chris).
♦ Van issues at the outset of the trip, but see above.

More 👍🏼 than 👎🏼. Long may it last!



  1. Way to go! Helped ramp up our excitement level as we’re three months behind you! Pre-ordered our van from Sydney RV (will write up fully on Blog when I get it set up), tenants found for our property and filling boxes like crazy! Would really like answers to a couple of questions about visas and insurance – would you be willing to assist?

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