Our kit list

Unless you’re planning a long-term motorhome trip or kitting out a new motorhome from scratch, you’ll probably want to stop reading this post now. If you were hoping to see some photos of stunning beaches, piles of ice cream or some Big Things, you’ll do better this week by catching up with our Facebook page or our Instagram feed. But if you are interested in the list of stuff we’ve bought to kit out Della since we set off in her a month ago, read on.

Before we left the UK we had a list – one of many – of kit we knew we needed to buy, based on our experiences with the motorhome we’d had for the year before we came to Australia. See below. We got all that stuff either before we picked Della up, or shortly after setting off. There have been a few bits that we’ve realised we need in the month we’ve been on the road, so those are included in their own section below. We think we’re pretty well set for the full trip now, so we don’t expect to see much more expenditure in the Kit column of Chris’s spreadsheet. Have we forgotten anything? (We already have a kitchen sink!) Note that this list is simply kit and doesn’t include insurance, roadside assistance, etc. Also bear in mind that if you’re kitting out a new van, you’re probably doing it over a period of months or even years, not hours and days as we have been!


Original shopping list
WikiCamps app
Camps 9 book
Telstra SIM and data
UHF radio
Universal tap head
Gaffer tape
Adjustable spanners
Allen keys
Scissors (for toolbox)
Storage boxes
Variable head tool set
Water funnel
Collapsible bucket
Septic tank friendly toilet sachets
Outdoor table
Outdoor chairs x 2
Flat pegs, mallet, peg remover
Guy ropes for awning
BBQ tools and cleaning kit
In-line water filter
Grey water hose
Hose fitting set
Drinking water hose
20l water jerry can
20l fuel jerry can and pourer
Flexible funnel
25m power lead
Tool kit
Extension gas hose for BBQ
Bike lock
Bike rack (we had this fitted by the van dealer before we picked her up)
Hose bags (we didn’t buy these – we’ve used the bag the duvet came in)
Van cleaning fluid and kit
Mosquito coils
Cable ties
Bottom sheet
Duvet (standard double)
Duvet cover
2 x bath towels, 2 x hand towels
Shower mat
2 x tea towels
4 x dinner plates, side plates, bowls
Bowl (for salad / fruit / mixing etc)
Spatula and wooden spoon
Plastic glasses for squash, beer, wine
Frying pan
Small non stick pan
Larger pan
Kettle (for gas with whistle)
Plastic storage boxes for food
J cloths, washing up brush, washing up liquid
Multi-purpose cleaner
Dustpan and brush
Egg cups
Sharp knife
Chopping board
Bottle opener / corkscrew
Measuring jug
Tin opener
Loo roll
Kitchen roll
Bin bags
Water filter jug that fits in fridge
Plastic trugs x 2
First aid kit (including snake bite kit)
Kitchen towel
Hand soap
Wet wipes
Washing powder
Cling film
Cutlery drainer
Ice cube tray

Stuff we’ve bought that wasn’t on the original list
Mat for outdoor living area
Garmin truck satnav with dashcam – to keep us on roads that are suitable for Della’s size and weight
Hand-held rechargeable vacuum cleaner
Padlock box – so we can leave van keys locked up and go for a swim without leaving keys on the beach unattended
Hose volume gauge – so we can see how much fresh water is going in to our tanks because the on-board gauge isn’t very accurate
Extra screwdrivers – the toolkit didn’t have the ones we needed when we needed them!
Apron for BBQ cleaning
Water tank cleaner
New toilet cassette
Baskets for food and crockery cupboards to minimise movement while driving
Mattress protector
Outside light

Things we haven’t bought yet, but might
Tow rope
Satellite phone
Personal location beacon
GEOS service
Silver screen
Sewing kit

Still reading? It’s possible you need to get out more!



  1. As fellow British travellers embarking on this epic journey in July (having already reserved our shiny new motor home from Sydney RV) this list is brilliant. We can tick a few things off already but loads of other good suggestions. Instead of counting sheep to get to sleep at night when my mind has been whirring, I’ve been listing things to buy to accessorise our van – has worked a treat but printing out this list is ultimately what’s needed! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad someone’s found it useful! If you’d like any more detailed info about anything in the list, or otherwise, do get in touch. The logistics of getting all the kit without a car was pretty challenging but Sydney RV were helpful with that. Enjoy the planning stages (but keep weight in mind)! 😀


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