Month 1 budget and stats

IMG_8895We’ve been on the road for just over a month – and neither of us has throttled the other yet!

As other Lappers know (but those of you reading outside Australia might not), the regular budget and stats posts from others making the trip is a common way of comparing your spending with others’, and indeed we used similar posts to set out our budget before we set off. Do bear in mind though that everyone’s situation is different, and everyone’s setup varies. We are two adults travelling full time in an 8-metre motorhome (affectionately known as Della). We’ve saved long and hard to travel from the UK for this trip, don’t have dogs or kids with us, and we’re not working while we’re on the road. And for those readers who work in £, the exchange rate we’re working on is £1 = $1.80. So here we go …

Kilometres driven: 2373

Total spend in Month 1, excluding one-offs such as van kit, insurance, roadside assistance, bikes, etc. = $4331 vs budget of $4590

Groceries, including toiletries: $1200
Booze: $214
Souvenirs: $92
Fuel: $396 (averaging about 9.5l/100km)
Clothes: $250 (includes the all-important rashies)
Eating out: $646
Attractions: $167 (Hunter Valley tour + Bundaberg Rum Distillery tour)
Medical: $324 (unavoidable appointment with doctor, blood test and prescriptions for Karen)
Van consumables and maintenance: $133
Transport: $44 (taxis on the day we picked the van up)
Phone: $51 (includes 25GB data)
Laundry: $23 (doesn’t include several loads done at friends’ houses!)
Sites: $791 (average $26 a night)
7 x free (thanks again to friends for putting us up!)
4 x low-cost (less than $20)
19 x caravan parks/campsites
Most expensive: Byron Bay @ $66 (we talked them down from $88!)
Least expensive: Boonooroo Golf Club @ $10 (we could class this one as free as the $10 was redeemable against our bar bill)

Ongoing Yahtzee scores (games): Karen 22, Chris 14
Books read: Karen 7, Chris 6

Favourite sites
Boonooroo Golf Club – very different to the caravan parks and the owners and locals were so friendly –  free pancakes, plus we saw kangaroos!
Tallowood – so remote that it felt like stepping out onto another planet. Had acres of space all to ourselves.
Iron Ridge – had a great pitch with loads of space.
Elliott Heads Caravan Park – right by the beach, nice and quiet, lots of room.

Favourite things since we set off in the van (many others before that!)
Using the hammock (a leaving present from Chris’s colleagues) at Wiseman’s Ferry.
The achievement of getting to the bottom of the electrics problem on Della.
Coastal hike in Noosa National Park – fantastic views, dolphins and turtles.
Meeting up with new friends Stephen and Ninetta at their place and at Noosa.
Pre-market evening at Eumundi – loved the sausage sizzle and songs.
Star-gazing at night.
Swimming in the sea at Sunshine Beach and Rainbow Beach.

Least favourites
Rain at Hidden Valley (at least 110mm in 24 hours) otherwise this would probably have been one of our favourite sites.
Gear issues on bikes – just annoying – but seemingly better now.
Unexpected encounters with wildlife (Karen resolving to improve on this in Month 2!)

We literally have no idea what we’ll be doing tomorrow, so who knows how our second month will shape up. Stay tuned!



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