Month 2 budget and stats


Two months on the road already! Time flies when you’re having fun!

That means it’s time for another budget and stats post. Not a gripping read for everyone, but we love reading this kind of post from other travellers and if we can provide insights for anyone preparing for a trip like ours, so much the better.

A reminder that we are two adults travelling full time in an 8-metre motorhome (affectionately known as Della). We’ve saved long and hard to travel from the UK for this trip, don’t have dogs or kids with us, and we’re not working while we’re on the road. And for those readers who work in £, the exchange rate we’re working on is £1 = $1.78. Month 1 figures are in brackets for comparison.

Kilometres driven: 2960 (2373)

Budget for Month 2: $4590

Total spend in Month 2: $6120 ($8026). A full service for Della was $1309 of this.

Groceries, including toiletries: $1094 ($1200)
Booze: $130 ($214) We’ve starting buying in bulk and looking for lower priced options (mostly cider).
Souvenirs: 0 ($92)
Fuel: $528 ($396) (averaging about 11.45l/100km this month (10.81l/100km) Apologies to any avid readers – the 9.5l/100km for month 1 was a mistake!
Clothes: $202 ($250)
Eating out: $405 ($646)
Attractions: $1340 ($167) This month we did three great boat trips out to the Great Barrier Reef which were expensive but well worth it.
Medical: 0 ($324)
Transport: $0 ($44)
Phone: $50 ($51) Includes 25GB data.
Van consumables and maintenance: $1431 ($133) Della was due a four-year mega service so we decided to do it before we set off to more remote areas. Better to be safe than sorry, etc. etc.
Laundry: $13 ($23)

Sites: $904 ($791), average $30 ($26) a night.
2 (7) x free
8 (4) x low-cost (less than $20)
19 (19) x caravan parks/campsites
Most expensive: Rowes Bay Townsville @ $48 ($66)
Least expensive: Pinnacle Hotel, Bluff Hotel, Riverside RV Ilbilbie all @ $10

Ongoing Yahtzee scores (games): Karen 27 (22), Chris 23 (14)
Books read: Karen 6 (7), Chris 8 (6)

Favourite sites
Workman’s Beach Camping Ground – very chilled and right next to the beach
Sandstone Park, Carnarvon Gorge – lots of space, 360-degree views, fantastic sunrises and sunsets
Big Crystal Creek – lots of room, right next to a swimming hole
Wonga Beach Caravan Park – beachfront, no concrete, super-helpful and friendly

Favourite things in the last month
Experiencing our first camp fire and happy hour.
Snorkelling and views in the Whitsundays.
Watching the kangaroos and wallabies at sunrise on the beach at Cape Hillsborough.
Seeing a platypus, a koala and crocodiles in the wild.
Hiking and biking in the sun.
Meeting and talking to other travellers.

Least favourites
Chris – Getting smelly feet from sandals
Karen – Chris’s smelly feet

We’re still having a ball and loving not knowing what we’ll be doing from one day to the next. More next month!



  1. I am a White from the UK too. Living permanently in the road. Originally from northeast – Darlington. Have family all over England
    Linda 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, can’t believe you’ve been out there for 2 months already. Not sure what I’ve done in that time! Glad you are having such a brilliant time…stats are good fun…although medical sounds worrying!
    38°c in my car today….what’s it like over there?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’ve done tons, I’m sure!
      Medical was in Month 1 when I had to get a couple of regular prescriptions and a blood test that my GP at home wouldn’t give me before we came. Nothing to worry about and we haven’t spent anything in that category since then!
      Temperatures vary as we move around. Currently about 28 in Mount Isa. As we head to Uluru the nights will get colder but we’ve got a blanket!
      Hope all well with you and the boys. xx


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