Month 3 budget and stats

IMG_1179 (002)We’ve been on the road for just over three months, which we can hardly believe!

Month three had a slightly different feel to it after we’d spent the first two months moseying up the east coast. Most of our third month was dedicated to the drive down to Uluru and back up towards Darwin, hence the mighty figures you’ll see in our mileage and fuel spend. We were tending to spend a single night at each stop – more usually a free camp or roadhouse than an RV park – although the closer we get to the coast, where it’s busy with travellers who’ve come up from the south to escape the winter, the higher the rates for RV parks are getting so we’re not as low in the accommodation category as we’d hoped. And the closer we got to Uluru, the higher the cost of fuel.

A reminder that we’re two adults travelling full time in an 8-metre motorhome (affectionately known as Della). We’ve saved long and hard to travel from the UK for this trip, don’t have dogs or kids with us, and we’re not working while we’re on the road. And for those readers who work in £, the exchange rate we’re working on is £1 = $1.78. Month 2 and Month 1 figures are in brackets for comparison.

Kilometres driven: 5611 (2960) (2373). There are big gaps between places in north Queensland and the Northern Territory!

Budget for Month 3: $4590

Total spend in Month 3: $4720 ($6120) ($8026). No setting up or servicing costs this month! Almost on target!

Groceries, including toiletries: $1109 ($1094) ($1200)

Booze: $155 ($130) ($214)

Souvenirs: $0 ($0) ($92)

Fuel: $1186 ($528) ($396) (averaging about 11.76l/100km this month)

Clothes: $20 ($202) ($250). Replacement flip flops (thongs!) for Karen after hers mysteriously disappeared overnight in Alice Springs!

Eating out: $296 ($405) ($646)

Attractions: $260 ($1340) ($167) This includes a crocodile tour in Cape Tribulation, a visit to Undara Lava Tubes, park passes for Uluru and tickets to the Field Of Lights – all thoroughly recommended.

Medical: $300 ($0) ($324). A trip to the dentist for Chris, which we should be able to claim on our insurance.

Transport: $105 ($0) ($44) Ferry to Cape Tribulation and some bike spares.

Phone: $50 ($50) ($51) Includes 25GB data.

Van consumables and maintenance: $84 ($1431) ($133) Gas refills and a couple of Bunnings bits.

Hairdressing: $25. No previous costs in this category!

Laundry: $34 ($13) ($23). Despite the washing, there’s still a lot of red dust about!

Misc: $274. We bought a PLB (personal location beacon) which we hope we’ll never have to use and a couple of noodles (woggles for UK readers I think!) for messing about in the water.

Sites: $824 ($904) ($791), average $28 ($30) ($26) a night.
3 (2) (7) x free
7 (8) (4) x low-cost (less than $20)
21 (19) (19) x caravan parks/campsites
Most expensive: Alice Springs Big 4 @ $53 ($48) ($66)
Least expensive: Croydon and Camooweal Georgina River – free

Ongoing Yahtzee scores (games): Karen 32 (27) (22), Chris 31 (23) (14)
Books read: Karen 3.25 (6) (7), Chris 9 (8) (6)

Favourite sites
Pinnarendi Station – lots of space, super amenities, friendly owners, lovely home-cooked food
Bonadio RV Park – lots of grassy space, sociable happy hour round the campfire, lots of wildlife
Cumberland Historic Chimney – great view over a dam with plenty of bird life, clean toilets, and free of charge

Favourite things in the last month
Watching the sun set at Uluru.
Seeing our first possums at Bonadio RV Park.
Experiencing a rodeo at Croydon – eye-opening!
Doing the rim walk at Kings Canyon.
Floating along with the current at Bitter Springs.

Least favourites
We both agreed that the teeming hordes, red dust and overstretched amenities of the overflow campsite at Uluru were our least favourite part of Month 3. The rock itself made the experience bearable however.

We’re currently in Kakadu and moving on to Darwin tomorrow, then we’ll be heading west. Stay tuned!



  1. What a trip! Thanks for sharing the costings. We did a 3 month Moho trip just in Queensland but would love to go across to the Kimberleys and Broome. Keep posting, how’s the van working out in the Australian conditions?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Eddie! The van is great – we bought it in Sydney so it’s been fully adapted for the Australian market (by AutoTrail) and has all the local electrics, aircon, etc. Can confirm the aircon is efficient – it’s working as I write in steamy Kakadu! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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