You asked, we answered

We recently offered our readers the chance to ask us some questions about our trip and these are the ones we selected to answer. Sorry if yours didn’t make the cut!

Q: What’s it like being together all the time?

A: Pretty good! We have similar ideas about what we like to do and (mostly) how we do things, and we also have shared opinions on most topics such as politics and the environment. We like each other’s company and we have a lot of laughs together. We do have different interests – Karen goes out on her own sometimes for a walk and Chris does some solo rides on his bike, and we like different music (although it seems we both like Kenny Rogers which is worrying) and read different types of books (even though we both think the other would enjoy some of our choices), so we do our own thing a bit when we’re in the van together. We’ve only had one major argument which, looking back on it, was over something trivial at a time when we were both tired. We don’t think that’s bad for almost six months! And there hasn’t been too much bickering …

Q: Would you swap Della for an off-road vehicle? Do you feel you have missed opportunities by not having an all-terrain van?

A: We’ve discussed this a lot as we’ve been going along and have never regretted buying Della for a minute. We’ve seen many different setups and all seem to have their pros and cons. It’s true that there have been some places we haven’t been able to get to, but there are so many great places we have been to that we don’t feel we’ve missed out. Remember that we have a time limit for this trip and would have to bypass some spots anyway. We have been along some unsealed roads (the longest was 10km) and we do take them very steadily! We had a motorhome previously in the UK but had never driven a 4WD or towed anything so the learning curve for a 4WD plus caravan would have been very steep!

Q: What’s the most useful object in your entire van (apart from the steering wheel)?

A1: Chris says… We aren’t carrying many things that we haven’t used yet, so almost everything has been useful! But if we had to choose the most useful we would say the extra fresh water tank that the previous owners fitted as it’s meant that we can go off-grid for at least a week without having to think too carefully about water consumption. (We also need the solar panels for this so maybe these are the two most useful things.) Having the ability to go off-grid means we don’t have to stay in caravan parks all the time and instead go to National Parks, low-cost camps, free camps, stations, homesteads, pubs, etc., which we’ve found that we much prefer (more space, fewer people, less concrete, better scenery, less light and more stars).

A2: Karen says… Our iPhone with Telstra (local Australian provider) SIM and data package. Without that we wouldn’t be able to use the WikiCamps app that we rely on heavily, or the apps that allow us to keep in touch with people at home, or Google Maps that we use for navigating sometimes, and I wouldn’t be able to take any photos because it’s my only camera. Just don’t ask me if all my photos are backed up!

Q: Highlight so far?

A: Wow – there have been many, but if we had to choose one place we would say Kurrajong in Cape Range NP, and if we had to choose one activity/attraction, we’d select Horizontal Falls in WA. (If you haven’t already, read about our trip to HF here.)

Q: Do you miss people at home?

A: Yes we do! We miss our families and friends but we have made an effort to keep in touch and modern technology has been a real help with this – it’s amazing that you can have a wifi-based video call with someone on the other side of the world with no discernible time lag. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and this blog help us keep up with what everyone at home is doing, and a quick message on any of those help us feel all the more connected.

Q: What’s the best coconut chocolate you’ve found so far?

A: We haven’t found any yet! But we’ve discovered Cadbury’s Old Gold Peppermint, which is like a mega After Eight! 😋

Got any more questions for us? Add them in a comment and we’ll get back to you!



  1. A really interesting blog with a few surprises! In particular Chis’s view that most useful has been the extra watertank so you can be off the radar for 7 days. Totally get the away from the masses and appreciating darkness though. So far our travels have all been in civilisation! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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