10 habits not to take home

Tomorrow will be our 150th day on the road! That’s plenty of time to have picked up a few habits that are perfectly acceptable around the campsite where everyone’s a stranger, but not all that great when you’re about to head home to catch up with family for a couple of weeks!

So here are 10 things we’ve been doing in Australia that we’ll leave behind in Perth for a couple of weeks …

  1. Acknowledging every vehicle we pass on the road.
  2. Checking under the loo seat for spiders.
  3. Wearing thongs (flip flops) in the shower.
  4. Being too scared to drive after dark for fear of hitting of a kangaroo.
  5. Taking our own chairs when we visit friends for drinks.
  6. Not worrying if we don’t have a shower every day. Or even every other day.
  7. Wearing outfits that aren’t clean or coordinated.
  8. Waiting outside the bottle shop (off licence) for opening time.
  9. Eating a diet consisting largely of peanut butter sandwiches, barbecued meat and salad.
  10. Wondering where we’ll be sleeping tomorrow.

We’ll be doing one more post about our Month Five Budget And Stats before we take a break and we’ll see you again when we’re back.



  1. Dont ask anyone at Heathrow for the dunny either. Enjoy your trip back home, you will see it in a completely different light of course, in fact it will never be the same again.

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