One step forward …

… two steps back.

That’s how the last couple of weeks have felt at times, but we’re finally beginning to see some progress on the Big Trip To-Do List. Still lots to get through.

Here’s a brief update of what we’ve achieved since our last post …

  • We have a deposit for the sale of Sundance. All being well, she’ll be with her new owner on Wednesday next week. We also had her serviced and MOT’d without any problems.
  • The letting agent has taken photos and we’ve approved the brochure that will be used for marketing the house in the new year.
  • We’ve updated our wills and appointed Powers Of Attorney. Just in case!
  • The boiler has been serviced, revealing in the process that our oil tank was at risk of splitting, so we’ve also had a quote for a new tank and its installation. 😦
    This was really the one that made us feel as though we’d stumbled.
  • The project Karen’s been working on for the last six months has been handed over. Just a few remaining bits to finish off before Christmas, then Chris will have a full-time planning assistant.
  • Chris spotted that Morcheeba, one of the very few bands we both love, are playing in Sydney while we’re there. Tickets have been purchased! (Backstory: On our first date, which was sort of a blind date as we met online, Chris presented Karen with a copy of their album Big Calm. That was enough to seal the deal!)
  • We have started our Oz Box for things that are coming on the trip with us and won’t be needed before we pack. So far it contains two pairs of Crocs (we know!), a new pair of trainers for Karen and a hammock.
  • Other less major achievements include …
    • Chris
      • fixing the front door bell, which has been playing up for years. A soldering iron was involved.
      • starting the House Manual for tenants.
      • installing carbon monoxide detectors.
      • doing some more Big Lap Map work.
    • Karen
      • rehoming a load of work-related books to a local author/teacher who’s setting up a new English language course in the area. Some more will go to a local project for refugees and asylum seekers in due course.
      • making the most of Black Friday to stock up on swimwear and shorts. Essential!

Hopefully we’ll have ticked off a few more things from the list by the time of our next post. More soon!




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